Crafting Natural Fertilizers That Heal The Soil

Our sustainable fertilizers are designed to provide commercial gardeners & landscapers with maximum returns while rejuvenating their soils.

We know a thing or two about soil health...

Old Plow Naturals is driven by a simple mission: to heal the earth’s soils, believing that healthy soils are the foundation for thriving gardens, ecosystems, and communities. Our fertilizer products, crafted for commercial gardens and lawns across Canada, embodies our commitment to sustainability, using natural ingredients to enhance soil fertility without harming the environment.

We aim not just to sell high-quality fertilizers but to inspire a movement towards environmentally conscious gardening and lawn care. By partnering with us, our customers take an active role in nurturing the planet for generations to come. Join Old Plow Naturals in our journey to cultivate a greener, healthier world—one garden and one lawn at a time.

Sustainable Fertilizers

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