Our Story

In 2006, Founder and CEO, Yasir Syed’s work was focused mainly on horticulture markets. There was a pull from the larger agriculture market to move into the prairies where his company was formerly incorporated into ViviGro Sustainable Solutions Ltd on Dec 3, 2018. ViviGro caters to larger farms up to 50,000 acres, promoting sustainable concepts, which heavily involves minimizing or eliminating pesticides and harsh chemical inputs while building soils with sustainable inputs. 

The demand for gardening and horticulture sector resulted in the establishment of the division of Old Plow Naturals. Old Plow Naturals produces top grade products for gardens and horticultural use while ViviGro caters to commercial large-scale farms. 

We cater to almost 1 million acres of farmland with customized solutions aimed at designing customized fertilizers and amendments, based on their soil and crop needs. Services are provided to farmers involved in the growing of large scale crops like cereals, oil seeds, forage and legume crops. We are also actively involved in smaller markets focusing on vegetables, hobby farms, greenhouses, nurseries, etc. 

Our unique concepts, specialty ingredients, heavy focus on the environment, on the spot advice, fast turnaround, ability to cater to small and large setups and affordability are all key features contributing to our success. 


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