ANCHOR is a humic acid derivative and a kelp-based formulation, intended for use in soils and substrates. The product is formulated using high quality organic ingredients, designed to accelerate high carbon-based response. ANCHOR is designed to promote aggressive rooting and improve nutrient uptake from soils and substrates. ANCHOR works best when fully distributed in wet soils and is applied via drip irrigation or strong drench in the root zone. If applied in pre-soaked conditions, use less water. If applied via drench, use ample water to ensure uniform root zone coverage. The application of ANCHOR induces a high organic matter like response in the rootzone which impacts nutrient exchange. Anchor aids in essential microbial buildup in soils. It also helps to provide longer nutrient retention which helps to prevent nutrient leaching and run-off from the root zone. Effective and regular use of ANCHOR maximizes nutrient uptake and efficiency using less fertilizer input and suppressing root borne diseases.

Liquid Blends

Liquid Soil Amendment for Horticultural or Agricultural Use

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  • ANCHOR is not designed for foliar applications.
  • Rinse the irrigation lines after use.
  • In case of continuous use in a greenhouse or open field set-up, use ANCHOR from a dedicated tank.
  • ANCHOR can be combined with POWER KELP as an additional supplement for better rooting and overall crop health.
  • ANCHOR can be used along with ground fertilizers, allowing to substantially reduce their input.
  • Consult an agronomist or crop consultant for best advice based on local farm conditions.

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