Cal-Mag Pro 4-0-0


Cal-Mag Pro is an organic liquid formulation for quick availability and faster absorption of Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron. It is suited for use in Greenhouses, Gardens, Orchards, and large-scale Commercial crops as a drip, drench, or foliar application. It is ideally suited to boost Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron levels in foliage in a short period of time. Cal-Mag Pro enhances flavor and over all quality of fruits and vegetables by infusing Calcium and Magnesium in correct proportions.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

Use in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified individual or an institution or according to an approved nutrient management plan. Typical Application rates are as follows:

  • Greenhouses: use based on EC/ppm requirements.
  • Gardens and Small Orchards: 2-3 L / acre.
  • Row crops and large-scale agriculture: 3-5 L/ acre.

Special Notes

  • Settling is unlikely to occur. If settling does occur, stir product before use.
  • If used in nutrient tanks, keep the solution aerated or agitated.
  • Run a small rinse cycle after using any liquid in drip or spray tanks.
  • Check compatibility before mixing with other products.

Precautionary Statement

May cause eye irritation. Avoid inhalation of spray. Keep out of reach of children, pet, and livestock. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product.

Storage & Disposal

Store in its original package. Keep in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and of reach of children, pets, and livestock. Dispose of contents in accordance with all applicable local, provincial, and federal regulations.


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