Lawn Products

Lawn DX is a specialized formulation designed to help grasses root stronger and take over ground very quickly. Its Nitrogen is slow release and can be applied either in early spring or in late summer. Its best to use it as a strong once a year application and for remaining season use Lawn Master fertilizer which is a companion all purpose lawn fertilizer. 

LAWN MASTER is a heavily organic-based slow-release fertilizer for use on all types of ornamental lawns, gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses. The product is made by blending various organic and safe mineral ingredients in a fully available form, using the highest quality ingredients. Like any other ViviGro product, LAWN MASTER is free of fillers. LAWN MASTER can be used as a sustainable fertilizer because of its unique nitrogen (N) stabilization process and heavy organic base, which constitutes a wide array of trace minerals needed to maintain top-quality turf and gardens. Its unique formulation not only provides complete nutrients to the crops during the full crop season. It also helps in building the soil structure and breaking down the organic matter into available nutrients.


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