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Old Plow Naturals offers a unique and effective line of garden fertilizers and supplements for commercial scale results. We offer a smart selection of both organic and organic-based products, designed to fulfill all nutritional and supplemental needs of your gardens with maximum efficiency and return, while keeping you and your environment’s safety as a core value. The brochure offers a list of products with information along with some useful gardening tips to assist you in maximizing your return on investment and simultaneously build strong soils. As a company our primary aims are to build your soil’s natural fertility and help you minimize or eliminate the use of noxious chemicals from your growing systems. Farming with harsh chemicals is not only detrimental for our health but also creates havoc on soil’s natural fertility. Intensive chemical gardening or farming often completely ignores the role of nature and tends to override nature’s balance and provide a short-term gain with long term repercussions. These negative effects leave soils sick and incapable of building active organic matter and natural defence mechanisms. Minerals get tied up and crops become more prone to chemical inputs for survival. Let’s build our soils for our health as well as our planet’s health using natural and safe products, for collective long-term gains and healthier soils. We have the science and tools to make it happen.

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